Hellenic Dream Team


To become a member of HDT, just apply and you will automatically become a limited member.  Once accepted, we will change your status to full membership, giving you full access to forum pages.  Please use your VSK name when applying to aid us in identifying you.

Code of conduct 

This Code of conduct applies to all HDT Members, your behaviour in the website forum, in HDT servers & when competing or hosting in a VSK5 sever while using HDT in the server name, your username, or anywhere in/on your competing yacht's skin design.

You are expected to race in a hard but fair manor and NOT abuse other members.

We expect that all skippers sail fairly and do not intentionally give other skippers penalties or sail in such a way that they could be accused of Pen Hunting.

If a skipper continues to sail in this way, then this will lead to a formal complaint and further action taken (as per below).

All skippers must comply with the sailing instructions and rules displayed in the chat section of the server.

On an NPC Server you cannot request to cancel or accept any request to cancel any penalty, other than those specified by the host.

On an FPC Server you must respond to any request to cancel a penalty.

Any skipper that does not comply with these rules, can be kicked or banned from that server.

The HDT forum and the chat box on the web page MUST NOT be used to denigrate other skippers or make any other abusive comments.

When on Skype you will be expected not to use profanities and not abuse others. If this happens the Skype host will disconnect your call immediately and you will be kicked off the current race server. Other disciplinary action may be taken in accordance to this code. 

Any complaint about the conduct of any individual member should be made to a HDT club official by private email.

Failure to meet the requirements of this Code of Conduct will lead to disciplinary actions taken. 

This is over and above being kicked or banned from a race server.

The disciplinary actions taken may be but not limited to the following.

For a first offence you will be banned from the following week of that competition.

Repeat offenders will be banned from all competitions for a month, as well as a 2 month good behaviour period.

If any breech of the code of conduct occurs within the 2 month 'good behaviour' period, then your membership maybe cancelled.

Such a review will be conducted by HDT officials. At the HDT official's discretion, this may lead to a permanent loss of membership or a suspension of membership privileges (forum access, HDT regatta and HDT online server involvement etc.) for a period of time (to be specified according to the level of misbehaviour).

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